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The Liv List Philosophy

We believe in a Liv List, not a Bucket List. It’s why we innovated a new kind of list that inspires us to make someday … today.

“Our life is the collection of experiences we choose to create.”

– Blake Mallen,
Liv President

Why wait for incredible, one-of-a-kind experiences when they’re already waiting for you? You’ll find them online via our Liv List, a diverse collection of selectively created and curated experiences that offer unique life moments, exclusive access and special treatment.

It’s a list you won’t find anywhere else. Not on a travel website. Not in a tourist book. Not through an agent. And not through a destination insider. The Liv List is exclusive to Liv Members. It’s customized to provide the most extraordinary experiences. It offers “the secret knock” to open doors that are locked to the masses. And it inspires people – no matter the age, the background or the bank account – to stop waiting and start Liv’ing.

The Liv List represents our community voice

At Liv, we believe everybody has a voice – and it’s represented in the Liv List Experiences we offer. In addition to the Liv List, the Liv List Community enables Members to browse remarkable experiences in their local neighborhoods for easy access and smaller, more personal group settings. These experiences are designed and hosted by other Liv Members around social causes they’re passionate about, or local community events they lead, or insider access they have to celebrities, destination hotspots and special events.

What’s on YOUR Liv List?

Here are just a few experiences we recommend.

An amazing experience is not just about where you are, or what you’re doing … but who you’re with!

The Liv List Technology

Through the dynamic power of our patented CrowdStarter platform, Liv Members have “the say” as a shared community in which Liv List Experiences are curated and activated. It’s your voice that brings the Liv List to life.


PLEDGE on experiences you want to add to your personal Liv List.


ACTIVATE experiences by helping achieve minimum participant levels before time runs out. Share to help unlock additional Crowd & Leaderboard Perks

3. LIV

LIV the Experience!

  • Enjoy the main event
  • Get inspired from amazing people with a Liv.2Learn session
  • Participate in elective excursions
  • Plug into healthy lifestyle activities
  • Volunteer with Liv2Giv
  • Join in on the Nightlife

And most importantly… Have FUN, make new friends, & create memorable moments!

Crowd Perks

The More People, the More Perks! Share the experience to help achieve the pre-set minimum participant level before time runs out to ‘Activate’ this Liv List Experience. Once activated, continue to share to help unlock more and more perks for all participantsat no extra cost! This means more value, more elevated experiences … and more Liv’ing.

Leaderboard Perks

In addition to Crowd Perks, personally refer the most people to an experience and hit the Leaderboard – qualifying you for the most coveted and elite Liv List perks.

Help Others Liv Better!

A portion of the proceeds from all Liv List Experiences go toward supporting our Liv2Giv VolunTour Program. These unique service-oriented Liv List Experiences combine travel and volunteerism, while supporting cross-cultural exchange and community development efforts to create environments of self-reliance and sustainability around the world.

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