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September 20-22, 2019


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Goodbye Bucket List, Hello Liv List

All our Liv Members can access the coveted ‘Liv List’ – an online collection of one-of-a-kind experiences that offers unique life moments, exclusive access and special treatment not found anywhere else. The more people that go, the more perks you get. And a portion of proceeds from Liv List Experiences go towards the Liv2Giv voluntourism program to help inspire community development efforts worldwide.

In addition to the Liv List, Liv Members can also access related privileges, products and perks designed to elevate daily Liv’ing.

Liv List Global

A diverse collection of selectively created and curated experiences that offer unique life moments, exclusive access and special treatment

Liv List Local

A list of experiences designed and hosted by fellow Liv Members for easily accessible and more intimate group settings within your local communities

Liv Travel

Access your own personal travel portal with 110% best price promise and insider deals on hotels, vacation rentals, flights, cruises, activities, car rentals and more

Liv Deals

From ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ to 50% Off, get daily discounts and special offers on thousands of brands you love and use every day

Liv Photobook

You Liv it, we print it!
Re-Liv favorite memories with custom table-top photo books, automatically curated from your #LivMoments hashtag and delivered to your door

Liv Marketplace

Get exclusive limited-time offers on new and innovative products just coming to market, and access timeless products most loved by Liv Members

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Begin your journey of lifestyle entrepreneurship by becoming a Liv Promoter and turning your passion for life into a lucrative profession. And help others do the same! Monetary incentives can include getting paid up to 5 times a month, upfront weekly bonuses, residual monthly commissions, the Liv2Drive Luxury Car Club bonus, and more. Work remotely anywhere, and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss – spare time, part-time, or full-time. After all, the more you earn, the more you can Liv!

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We’re on a mission to elevate people’s level of living – from enriched life experiences, to deeper connections and unforgettable memories, so you can look back one day and say … you Liv’d – Your Life, Your Way.

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