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Liv is a global lifestyle company that inspires people to turn their Bucket List into a Liv List and exclusively access extraordinary life experiences and premium Member-only privileges designed to enrich daily living.


Our Story

Our Liv story started with a list and a purpose. After meeting thousands of people whose lives were ‘on hold’ with delayed dreams, we set out to redefine the traditional Bucket List – and make life more about living today instead of waiting for the someday. We innovated a new kind of list that would breathe life into the experiences of everyday living. It’s called the Liv List, and it’s the heart of this story.

So, we came together as a leadership team to build both a company and a community around the Liv List, giving Liv Members one-of-a-kind moments and memories for years to come. Available only to Members, our unique line of products and services were designed to make their experiences even more accessible, affordable and memorable.

We hope our story will continually multiply into new and inspiring stories worldwide.



We’re on a mission to elevate people’s level of living through enriched life experiences, deeper connections and unforgettable memories. As a company and a community, our vision is to educate, equip and inspire people to go from being alive to feeling alive, and to stop waiting and start Liv’ing.  



Liv is the brainchild of our Founders who leveraged more than a decade of industry experience, infrastructure and legacy to bring their mission of transforming Life, Health and Prosperity into a new business realm—and elevate people’s lives through their experiences.

Nick Sarnicola
Nick Sarnicola

CoFounder & CEO

Nick Sarnicola is an Entrepreneur, Investor and Philanthropist, with over 20 years of experience in building successful companies, sales teams and programs worldwide. Passionate about creating new experiences, Nick has travelled to every wonder of the world while helping hundreds of thousands of people become entrepreneurs, pursue their passions and earn millions of dollars. In addition to being the CoFounder and CEO of Liv, Nick founded the Sarnicola Foundation, which supports young aspiring entrepreneurs.

Blake Mallen
Blake Mallen

CoFounder & President

Blake Mallen is an Entrepreneur, Investor and Marketing Maven with nearly two decades of experience in launching mass-consumer products, pioneering groundbreaking marketing strategies, and building a ~$2 billion global brand. Passionate about adventure and rich experiences, genuine relationships and perpetual growth, Blake lives what he sells. He is the CoFounder and President of Liv, and is internationally recognized as a Thought Leader on the topics of disruptive marketing, brand building, organizational culture, entrepreneurship, leadership and personal growth.

Our Liv Membership Community is comprised of fun, passionate, inspirational and like-minded members who want to go from living to Liv’ing. Because the Liv List comes to life through the buying power of the crowd, our Members can participate in experiences that represent shared interests, passions and preferences.

We commit to leaving other communities better than we found them. It’s why a portion of proceeds from Liv List experiences go towards the Liv2Giv voluntourism program to help inspire community development efforts worldwide.

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