• What are Member Only Hotel deals?
    1. Member Only hotel deals are different from the normal prices you will see on most websites. Because we are an exclusive and private Membership, we can provide special, non-published prices to our Members that just are not available to the general public or even travel agencies.



  • Are these different from the main hotel booking search engine?
    1. By now you have probably tried all of the big-name websites, spent forever following the links only to find that in the end with all of the taxes and fees that their prices are all the same!
    2. Despite what the catchy advertisements and commercials are saying, even the ‘special sale’ prices are the same as they are on the hotels’ own websites!
    3. Even the big ‘comparison’ websites are misleading everyone and are usually owned by the big online sites!
    4. Hotels will provide special pricing if they know that the price will not be published or disclosed to the general public.


  • How are the prices cheaper than the big guys?
    1. Prices vary constantly for the same room even, but hotels rarely sell all of their rooms, and know they can expect to have some unsold rooms and so will discount these rooms heavily, but only if their prices are not disclosed or published anywhere, this is where we come in…


  • How much can I save?
    1. Our Members should be able to regularly save 30-50% and often more on every day branded and un-branded hotels all around the world.
    2. Hotels are getting clever with their pricing. Like airline seats, expect rooms to be more expensive at short notice. Try to book further out as they will rarely get cheaper.


  • What if I need customer support?
    1. We provide 24/7 customer support from our dedicated agents. Email, chat or call us anytime for questions, assistance or support!


  • Are there additional fees to be paid locally?
    1. Not from us! Our prices include any local taxes right up front. There is no need to click, click, click to find the total price!
    2. Some hotels may charge local resort fees that are payable locally. To the extent possible, we will disclose these in the descriptions so you know ahead of time.


  • What if I don’t see the hotel that I want…
    1. Because of the special nature of the pricing for these deals, it is possible you may not find every hotel, every time. Hotels are less likely to discount on very short lead time bookings (lead time is the time between when you book and when you arrive) or for very busy periods such as conventions or holidays.
    2. If you must travel on a specific date or must stay at a specific hotel, try our main Travel Search engine which will almost certainly have your hotel, or contact us directly and we’ll be happy to see if we can help you secure your ideal booking.


  • What will appear on my credit card statement?
    1. Your booking payment will appear on your credit card Statement as TRAVEL CLUB.


  • What if I want to cancel or change my booking?
    1. Please be sure to review the cancellation or other booking conditions before you complete your booking. Often the cheapest rates are Non-Refundable once booked. Most bookings have some form of cancellation fee, so its important you know before you book. Of course, if your plans change, contact us directly and we’ll be happy to support you.


  • What if I have other questions?
    1. That’s what we here for! Just call us, or chat or email – anytime, we’ll be glad to hear from you and see how we can help.




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