Step 1: Pledge

Are you ready to add a new experience to your Liv List…?! It all starts with backing a specific experience by making a “pledge” to attend!

Each Liv List Experience requires a minimum number of pledges (participant commitments) before it is “activated.”

Placing a pledge for a specific Liv List Experience means you have made a public commitment to attend that experience if/once it gets activated, and put down a small refundable deposit in the amount of 25% of the total price.

To place a pledge, simply browse the Liv List Experiences using the available category, date, duration and/or price filter fields. Once you find an experience you want to add to your Liv List, place your pledge. Since there’s a required minimum of pledges to activate that experience, you will want to ‘share’ that experience and invite other friends and family to pledge. The Goal: to activate that experience within the allotted time limit – otherwise, it disappears forever.

Once an experience achieves the minimum participant level required to “activate,” the balance of the total price will then be charged to your payment method on file.

Use of Liv Credits:

 We believe Loyalty should lead to more Liv’ing! And to show how much we value our members, for every month of membership, Liv Members are awarded Liv Credits that can be applied toward Liv List Experiences, Marketplace product purchases, and more!

Each Liv List Experience displays the maximum number of Liv Credits that can be applied to that experience. A Liv Credit is valued at the equivalent of $1. While all Members have the ability to receive and use Liv Credits, our VIP Members are able to use a higher amount of Liv Credits per experience.

While going through the pledge process, you will be prompted to note how many Liv Credits you wish to apply. Liv Credits will be allocated toward the final payment once the experience is activated. Liv Credits cannot be used for the initial pledge and are non-transferable.

Cancellation & Refund Policy:

Pledge deposits can be canceled and refunded at any point during the pre-activation period by calling Liv Support at 256.LIV.TEAM or emailing

If the Liv List Experience is not activated before the end of the stated time period, all pledge deposits will be automatically refunded in full.

Once a Liv List Experience is activated, and the remaining balance is paid, you cannot receive a refund, as all Liv List Experiences are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Other important things to know about Liv List pledging are:

  • Only Liv Members can place pledges; if friends want to attend the same experience, they will first need to become Members
  • As a Member, you can place a pledge online for yourself and up to 5 people in your household (those who live in the same house as you); for more than 5 people in a household, contact Support to place your pledge over the phone
  • If would like to make changes to a pledge you already made, you can do so by calling or emailing Liv Support
  • You can place pledges on up to 3 ‘open’ experiences at any one time; an experience is open if it has not yet been activated
  • Those who are the first to place a pledge for an experience will be recognized as ‘Liv List Trendsetters’ and receive recognition on the Liv List Experience’s web page


A portion of the proceeds from all Liv List Experiences go toward supporting our Liv2Giv VolunTour Program to help communities around the world Liv better.

Step 2: Activate

The Liv List is powered by the Liv Membership Community. Through our innovative and patented “Crowdstarter” platform, we are able to harness the buying power of the crowd to create and curate exclusive and elevated experiences for Liv Members.

To ensure all experiences are able to meet our high Liv standards, each Liv List Experience requires a minimum number of pledges (participant commitments) before it is “activated.” If the experience is not activated within the allotted time limit, it disappears forever.

If the pledges reach the required activation number within the allotted time period, the Liv List Experience is officially confirmed. Upon activation, the Liv Members who had participated in the pledge period will pay the remaining balance. Members who did not participate during the pledge period are still able to attend an experience that has already been activated as long as they pledge before the close date.  Those who pledge to go to an experience that is already activated will pay the total price in full. They will also receive all the perks that have been unlocked for that experience.

Bonus Perks

As soon as an experience is activated, additional potential bonus perks for that specific experience are revealed. There are two categories of bonus perks:

  • Crowd Perks: The More People, the More Perks! The more people who pledge to go to the experience, the more it helps to unlock additional perks and value for all participants – at no extra cost!
  • Leaderboard Perks: If you individually refer the most people to a specific experience, you can hit the Leaderboard, which qualifies you for the most coveted and elite Liv List perks for that experience.

VIP Upgrades Available

 Some Liv List Experiences include exclusive perks reserved for VIP Members only. As a VIP, you can also extend these perks to members of your household who are joining you on the experience for a reduced cost. To add these upgrades, call Support.

Additional things to know:

  • To find out if an experience has been activated, either check your email for the notification, or refer back to the Liv List Experience page. We will also notify you if/when Crowd Perks have been unlocked for that experience. Check your Liv Member profile in the Communication preferences to ensure your correct email is on file.
  • Each experience has a maximum number of people who can go as well as a countdown to when the event starts. If the experience is currently booked, and you would really like to go, feel free to add your name to the Waitlist in case more space opens up

Step 3: Liv!

Get ready to Liv the experience with other amazing like-minded people!

Liv List Experiences are designed to create memories that will last a lifetime. Some examples of things you can look forward to can include:

  • Enjoying the main event!
  • Getting inspired and learning from amazing people!
  • Participating in elective excursions and healthy lifestyle activities!
  • Volunteering with Liv.2Giv!
  • Joining in on the Nightlife!
  • And most importantly… Having FUN, making new Friends, and creating Moments worth remembering!

And don’t forget to turn those moments into memories through your access to Liv Media, and share them with friends and family.

Are you ready to Liv..?