Liv San Diego is just around the corner, so we wanted to make sure you’re completely prepared for all of the exciting experiences we have planned for you! Consider this the official Liv San Diego checklist.

Join Liv San Diego Facebook & Text Group

There will be lots of dynamic things going on all weekend long and we don’t want you to miss a thing. So we’re going to be providing regular updates (including where to be and when) on every event within the Liv San Diego Experience. So join our Liv San Diego Experience Facebook Group AND subscribe to our SMS group by texting “I’m with Liv San Diego” to 248-230-8229. These groups are meant only for attendees and will only be used during this Experience.

Dress to Impress, Liv Style

As you may have heard, the weather in SoCal is nice. Like very nice. Expect daytime highs of 74 degrees F and nighttime lows of 63 degrees F throughout the weekend. However, since we will be close to and on the bay, it may get a bit chilly (for Californians at least), so in addition to your beach/SoCal gear, make sure you bring a layer or two of warmth just in case. And lest we forget, we will be having themed events throughout…
  • USS Midway Museum Party
    There’s only one way to party on a US aircraft carrier and that’s with a Top Gun theme. So slip on those bomber jackets, aviators, and 80s jeans. Or you can go full Top Gun with a full-on flight suit and blow everyone out of the water! Either way, let’s make Maverick, Goose (RIP), Iceman, Viper, Jester and the rest of them proud!
  • Skyline Cruise
    We’ll be cruising the San Diego Bay in a giant yacht, so let’s get nautical. Come dressed in your best yachting gear, which means polos, khakis, striped sweaters, etc. For inspiration, just peruse a J. Crew catalogue.
  • Journey & Def Leppard
    We’re taking things back to a time when big hair, acid-washed/ripped jeans, fishnets, big earrings, sleeveless shirts, off-the-shoulder shirts, hightops, jean jackets, Aqua Net, and eye liner (for both girls and guys) were all the rage, so let’s make the 80s call for their stuff back.

Food & Drinks

Of course, you can’t have fun without food and drinks. You just can’t. Period. So we will be providing heavy apps and drinks at every event. Although there will be a variety of food (including vegetarian and vegan options) and plenty of it, you’ll have to time to grab a meal beforehand if you like.

Liv2Giv + Father Joe’s Village = All Around Good Feels

As with every Experience we do, it wouldn’t be complete without a Liv2Giv where we give back to the local community we are visiting. For Liv San Diego, we will be partnering with Father Joe’s Villages. They are committed to ending homelessness through innovative programs and solutions–one life at a time. If you’d like to donate items as well, they have expressed that socks and hygiene kits are the most sought off items. Giving truly is better than receiving. We feel that with every Liv2Giv and we’re sure you’ll feel that too.¬†Please note: Volunteers must be at least 10 years old to participate in these activities.

Need a Lyft?

Although most of the events will be very close to the Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa, we will still be providing transportation to and fro via Lyft. Below are the Lyft codes that will only be valid to each event and only 30 minutes before and after.
Friday – Liv2Giv: SDLIV2GIV
Friday Р USS Midway: LIVSD18TOPGUN
Saturday – Skyline Cruise: LIVSD18CRUISE
Sunday – Petco Park: LIVSD18CONCERT
OK, got all that? Good. Remember, we will be giving you details and updates via the SMS Group, so don’t forget to subscribe to it. See you in San Diego!