Liv List Global is placing the extraordinary within your reach. We know you’ve spent way too many hours visiting fantasy destinations on your Instagram feed—or enjoying a drink on your couch pretending you’re on some exotic beach. No more! Liv List Forum was designed specifically for you to select where you want the next Liv Global Experience to be. You have the power!

Now more than ever, we are empowering you, our Liv Community, to be part of our destination selection process. Whether it is yachting in Croatia or wine tasting in Tuscany, cruising the Caribbean or adventuring on an African Safari, YOU get to select! It’s like a menu of “remember-that-time-we-went-to…” experiences!
When you visit our Liv List Forum you will find a ton of global destinations for 2019 (yep, we’re overworked lining them up for you already). It’s simple…

Select your next Liv Global experience by upvoting your favorite destinations! Liv will take care of the rest. Upvote your favorite destinations on Liv List Forum.

  1. Click here to visit the Liv List Forum page
  2. Look at all the destination options—there’s so many good ones
  3. Upvote the ones you want us to create for you—just click “Like”
  4. Ignore the destinations you don’t want (we will won’t judge you)
  5. Check in periodically to see how your favorite destinations are doing
  6. Tell the whole world about Liv or get a Liv tattoo on your forehead—your choice
  7. That’s it!
Tons of Liv Global Experiences await you in 2019! Liv List Forum brings together all your potential destinations for next year.

This can be you! #LivMoments

Update: It looks like a ton of people have already started upvoting their favorite destinations! The Australia Barrier Reef experience is off to the lead with 89 votes! Don’t let them have all the fun, though. Visit the Forum page now and start upvoting all the places you want to experience!