Hey! Did you hear? Liv is going to Las Vegas from September 20 to 22. You can be sipping tequila under the bright lights of the Entertainment Capital of the World. Yeah, it’s going to be an outrageous good time.

But it gets better: would you like to go to Las Vegas for FREE and earn additional bonus incentives for the trip?  Yeah, we thought you’d like that. All you need to do is achieve Bronze Elite, Silver or Silver Elite and you’ll automatically unlock a treasure trove of incentives for your Las Vegas adventure. Here’s what you’ll get with each level:

Achieve Bronze Elite – $788 Festival Bonus

Including: 1 Free Liv Vegas PLUS Pledge ($599 Value) + 1 Night at Host Hotel ($189 Value)


Achieve Silver – $2,085 Festival Bonus

Including: 2 Free Liv Vegas PLUS Pledges ($1,198 Value) + 3 Nights at Host Hotel ($387 Value) + up to $500 Liv Travel – Flight Reimbursement


Achieve Silver Elite$3,085 Festival Bonus

Including: 2 Free Liv Las Vegas PLUS Pledges ($1,198 Value) + 3 Nights at Host Hotel ($387 Value) + up to $1,000 Liv Travel – Flight Reimbursement  ($1,000 Value) + $500 Spending Money ($500

If you already achieved Liv Silver Elite:

  • Maintain SE Rank
  • Break a Liv BE, Silver, or SE in your Waiting Room to qualify for a bonus.
    • The prizes would be the same as the qualifier i.e. if a Silver breaks, you receive the Silver prize.


Nontransferable:  Only the qualifier may redeem the prizes.  If they cannot attend the event, their prize can go towards the next Liv National Event.

Hotel Bookings:  are to be done via the web link for the host hotel and communicated to the LIV team with a confirmation email to info@livmembers.com.

Flight Reimbursement:  once the flights have been booked via Liv Travel, send your confirmation including names and dates and the cost of the flight to info@livmembers.com for reimbursement of the cost of the flight.

Cash Prize: all cash prizes will be awarded prior to the event.

This promotion has been extended through the end of August (August 31), so let’s level up and get to Liv Las Vegas for FREE!